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3000 whitney ave, hamden

  3000 whitney ave, hamden

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ah...the last sunday in july. and a raft of tunes , new and old, to tantalize your tynpanum, to whit:

jake & the rest of the jewels...julie beman...ebin-rose trio w/ bobo on bass...bob griffin...the bandidos..lines west...the gravel pit

swell show.


it ‘s a summer melange of local grown specialties...dewy fresh and tasty....seth adam...backyard committee...ponybird...tom guerra...johnny i...travis moody...the danbury lie

if you fill your ears with just one half hour of local music, this ought to be the one.


another sunday , another bunch of great local music:

lines west...frank critelli...tetramer...rowynn...wess meets west...jake & the rest of the jewels...julie beman...the sawtelles.

see ,or better yet , hear!

sunday at 10pm on plr rebroadcast on


ooh wee...august is whizzing by...take a moment (half hour actually) to slow down and smell the to some quality , local, original music. lines west...big fat combo...rope..ponybird..violent mae...mountain movers...mark soothing as summer breeze, as refreshing as a dip in the spring fed lake (clothing optional).


let’s see...leejay rudenjak...frank critelli...wise old modern buzz buzz...wess meets west...and chaser 8 ought to make for a pretty snazzy listen.  so listen.


labor day weekend but thelocalbandsshow takes no time off...uh uh...we have 2 huge festivals to talk about.  tony bellantoni & the swag hooks play the norwalk oyster festival and pocket vinyl...quiet life and goodnight blue moon play the iam festival among many more.  and we’ll play the lonesome sparrows and wise old moon ...both have gigs.