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  3000 whitney ave, hamden

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steamin’ through june...hoorah...

and it’s a great show that awaits you this sunday.  the lonesome sparrows...rusty things...jacques le coque...stark raving lulu...mercy choir...mark mulcahy...greg sherrod...the hempsteadys.  that’s right 8 songs in a half hour.  that’s value for your listening dollar. oh , wait , it’s free.  i forgot.


hmm, let’s see if this thing updates...otherwise i wiil have to assume i’ve broken the internet again.  hand me that hammer.

this week: new mudd band, ponybird and gravel pit...rusty things...and the return of big bad johns.  enjoy.


the 4th of july weekend can’t stop the inexorable march of thelocalbandsshow. it may keep you from listening live ,of course.  s’o.k. it’ll be archived for you. and rebroadcast on monday at noon.

ports of spain...100 watts sun...john fries...5 .lb. sledge...gravel pit...greg sherrod...mighty soul drivers.


sweet summer , sweet sounds...thelocalbandsshow takes no vacation,  but if you do, the show is archived here , on line on and rebroadcast on there’s no excuse to miss your weekly dose.

shellye valauskas right...wess meets west...oh, cassius...john fries...paul brockett road show.

sounds even better than it looks. then again, it’s ain’t no statue


bob d’aprile...bobby d..of CT ROCKS and two boots drops in.

with him 6 count ‘em 6 bands we’d never heard . great show.

off the dome...charlie karp & rafe klein...king cake...branchwater..hubbell mountain....hanging hills.

it’s a good one...listen on or right here archived. just listen.


ah...the last sunday in july. and a raft of tunes , new and old, to tantalize your tynpanum, to whit:

jake & the rest of the jewels...julie beman...ebin-rose trio w/ bobo on bass...bob griffin...the bandidos..lines west...the gravel pit

swell show.