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3000 whitney ave, hamden

  3000 whitney ave, hamden

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eight tunes from eight great bands in just a half an hour...impossible. it’s a big show, to whit:

big bad johns...big fat combo...chaser 8...ebin-rose trio...crystaline of thieves...graylight campfire...rusty things

you will enjoy it. honest.


we play a bunch of the bands playing the emerge festival benefiting the interval house is march 6th and 7th at the outer space.

eula...oh, cassius...laundry day...backyard committee...funky dawgz brass band.  we also throw in the beloved bomb squad and brand new caravan of thieves. not to be missed.


this sunday you’ll hear : the mold monkies and shellye valauskas experience.  they’re on a bill with pugwash at the outer space friday the thirteenth...also sarah lemieux...chaser eight..the proud flesh....greg sherrod...happy ending

it’s a great mix of music.


time to take a peek at this week’s offering...hmmm...looks good !  sounds better !

phonosynthesis...kriss santala...frank viele...solistic...stikpin...murdervan...the 509-ers.

that’s it... that’s the list.

hear it play out this sunday @ 10pm on PLR and monday at noon  on cygnusradio. won’t you !?!


lots of variety, lots of great music.  that’s what we have on tap this week.

cosmic dust bunnies

goodblood...chaser 8.....bronson rock....john fries & the elements...balkun brothers...forgotten by friday

it’s brought to you by brian’s guitars and you oughta listen.


here’s the line up for our next show, which by the way is our 1400th show.  1400 !localbandsshows.  big thanks to wplr for giving us this wonderful weekly playground. here’s to 1400 more !

tracy walton...james mauri...wess meets west...frank critelli...seth adam....gary munro project...

sadly , there won’t be cake.


the elm city folk festival is coming...we’ll play a few of the folks playing: lys guillorn & mercy choir...goodnight blue moon...wise old moon and no line north...and the latest from the reducers...balkun brothers...and caravan of thieves

tune in: sunday night at 10 on wplr

monday noon