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  3000 whitney ave, hamden

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for the next two weeks, it’s all about the best festival every spring. the meriden daffodil festival.  rob derosa is our guest.  he’ll hip us to the haps. this week tunes from:

middleman/burr...mark mirando...the funky dawgz brass band...all caps LADD...big fat combo...gigglejuice


it’s part 2 of the daffodil festival preview with rob derosa.  this week..rex fowler...ponybird...lines west...gravel pit..eurisko...balkun brothers.

gonna be a great weekend and this should serve as all the invitation you need.

we lost a gentle giant on friday april 17th.

great musician, great man, great friend

       James Velvet : Rest In Peace

joe gerhard photo


this sunday we remember james velvet in words and music.  music from the mocking birds..the ivory bills...the lonesome sparrows...the new haven radiators and the hi-tops.

and thoughts from folks knew, played with, were mentored by and loved James. 


this week meet frank critelli who, as of this show, joins thelocalbandsshow.  also: hot rod circuit...balkun brothers...jeff thieves...violent mae...the reducers.

and please come to the outer space to celebrate the life and music of james velvet starting at 2pm sunday.


this week: james velvet...the sawtelles...mighty soul drivers...mike rod circuit...the big fat combo...ropeburns russell & the rustlers are featured on the big show.  tune in, won’t you ?


this week on thelocalbandsshow, we’ve got the new , we’ve got the classic, we’ve got the gig related. dig: big bad johns...monopole...happy ending...mission zero ...the nortons...jellyshirts...rope.  do you have to listen? no!  should you? natch ,jackson!

selfie studios


this week on the show: seth adam...goodblood...ron anthony...stacy phillips...orb mellon...solin...crystalline cloud.   i think you’ll like it.  then again , why take my word when you can let your ears be the judge.  brought to you by brian’s guitars